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The Right Price for the Price is Right: Optimal Bidding

Posted five weeks ago

ToqPiq: XKCD comics on the Qualcomm Toq smartwatch

Posted sixteen weeks ago

How to scale a consumer web product launch (load shedding)

Posted seventeen weeks ago

Redundant video bitstream

Posted eighteen weeks ago

Activating the Dynamixel MX-28T actuator

Posted thirty weeks ago

The mmap pattern

Posted forty-three weeks ago, last comment forty-three weeks ago

Explaining meta-programming by analogy

Posted five years ago, last comment one year ago

Against equality in Lisp: eq, eql, equal and equalp

Posted six years ago

Costs of energy from different sources by kWh

Posted forty-four weeks ago

etckeeper tracking server config

Posted forty-five weeks ago

Rotating an image with OpenCV and Python

Posted forty-seven weeks ago, last comment thirty-five weeks ago

Dynamic Lisp blog entry demo: rationalize

Posted fifty weeks ago, last comment forty-nine weeks ago

Hashtable addition time (draft)

Posted two years ago, last comment two years ago

Purely effective programming

Posted two years ago, last comment two years ago

Lazy operators in C++ for fun and data fetch batching

Posted two years ago

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