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LISA17 conference notes

Posted six weeks ago

Zero value abstractions

Posted nine weeks ago

Rotating an image with OpenCV and Python

Posted three years ago, last comment forty-four weeks ago

Pagination, a great software interview question

Posted thirty-one weeks ago, last comment twenty-two weeks ago

Kotlin is a better Java

Posted thirty-nine weeks ago

Recruiting software engineers and their CVs

Posted forty weeks ago

A single point of failure is ok

Posted one year ago

Bad unit tests impart a false sense of security

Posted one year ago

Real men don't use floating point

Posted eight years ago, last comment sixteen weeks ago

Operands to NOP on AMD64

Posted seven years ago, last comment six years ago

Java: What a horrible virtual machine

Posted one year ago

Android app shenanigans in 2016

Posted one year ago

Manardb talk

Posted five years ago, last comment five years ago

Scala is not a better Java

Posted seven years ago, last comment six years ago

Ubuntu Linux sudo without password

Posted five years ago

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