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High Output Management by Andy Grove

Posted three weeks ago

The bonds of SQL

Posted thirty-three weeks ago

Judging innovative software

Posted thirty-three weeks ago

Grep orientated programming

Posted forty-five weeks ago, last comment forty-three weeks ago

Activating the Dynamixel MX-28T actuator

Posted one year ago

The Right Price for the Price is Right: Optimal Bidding

Posted one year ago

Reading your Facebook and other contacts from Android

Posted five years ago, last comment one year ago

The .NET CLR and failing to allocate

Posted five years ago

How to optimise Common Lisp under SBCL: don't profile (draft)

Posted six years ago

All the way home

Posted six years ago

Real men don't use floating point

Posted six years ago, last comment six weeks ago

ToqPiq: XKCD comics on the Qualcomm Toq smartwatch

Posted one year ago

How to scale a consumer web product launch (load shedding)

Posted one year ago

Redundant video bitstream

Posted one year ago

The mmap pattern

Posted one year ago, last comment thirty-six weeks ago

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