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USB replug script in bash

Posted six weeks ago

Exactly-Once in multithreaded async Python

Posted eleven weeks ago

Roles in tech

Posted twenty-seven weeks ago

Testing systems at scale

Posted twenty-eight weeks ago

Shipping fast and right

Posted thirty-nine weeks ago

The mmap pattern

Posted six years ago, last comment five years ago

Explaining meta-programming by analogy

Posted ten years ago, last comment six years ago

Curse of business logic

Posted one year ago, last comment forty-six weeks ago

The Rewrite Fallacy

Posted two years ago, last comment two years ago

Toys for project management

Posted one year ago

The Klone webserver now the winner with 9k requests/second

Posted eleven years ago, last comment eleven years ago

Rotating an image with OpenCV and Python

Posted six years ago, last comment one year ago

Formally modeling the security of computer programs

Posted eleven years ago

Doubling and shuffling grains to make a pile

Posted nine years ago, last comment seven years ago

Lambdas as classes

Posted one year ago

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