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Nothing was a billion dollar mistake

Posted thirty-four weeks ago

The Rewrite Fallacy

Posted twenty weeks ago, last comment three weeks ago

Square CTF 2017 Grace Hopper

Posted forty-seven weeks ago

Freeing space from open files on UN*X when deleting doesn't work

Posted thirty-seven weeks ago

LISA17 conference notes

Posted forty-five weeks ago

Pagination, a great software interview question

Posted one year ago, last comment twenty-one weeks ago

Zero value abstractions

Posted forty-nine weeks ago

Recruiting software engineers and their CVs

Posted one year ago

Kotlin is a better Java

Posted one year ago

Judging innovative software

Posted three years ago

How to scale a consumer web product launch (load shedding)

Posted three years ago

Cheating at codegolf with System V IPC

Posted eight years ago, last comment two years ago

Java: What a horrible virtual machine

Posted two years ago

Android app shenanigans in 2016

Posted two years ago

High Output Management by Andy Grove

Posted two years ago

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