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USB replug script in bash

Posted eleven weeks ago

Exactly-Once in multithreaded async Python

Posted sixteen weeks ago

Roles in tech

Posted thirty-two weeks ago

Testing systems at scale

Posted thirty-three weeks ago

Shipping fast and right

Posted forty-four weeks ago

The Klone webserver now the winner with 9k requests/second

Posted eleven years ago, last comment eleven years ago

Against equality in Lisp: eq, eql, equal and equalp

Posted eleven years ago

Zero value abstractions

Posted three years ago

Recruiting software engineers and their CVs

Posted three years ago

Bad unit tests impart a false sense of security

Posted four years ago

How to scale a consumer web product launch (load shedding)

Posted six years ago

Mail setup for a private domain

Posted seven years ago

Mopoko talk at the Bay Area Lisp and Scheme Group

Posted eight years ago

Designing user interfaces to computer systems

Posted nine years ago

Doubling and shuffling grains to make a pile

Posted nine years ago, last comment eight years ago

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