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Building software in the cloud

Posted forty-six weeks ago

Run anything on NixOS with Docker passthrough

Posted forty-eight weeks ago

Exactly-Once in multithreaded async Python

Posted one year ago

Roles in tech

Posted one year ago

Documentation namespaces

Posted one year ago

USB replug script in bash

Posted one year ago

LISA17 conference notes

Posted four years ago

Grep orientated programming

Posted six years ago, last comment five years ago

Explaining meta-programming by analogy

Posted twelve years ago, last comment seven years ago

What's wrong with using double floats as the only numerical type

Posted eleven years ago, last comment ten years ago

Let over Lambda by Doug Hoyte

Posted twelve years ago, last comment three years ago

Testing systems at scale

Posted one year ago

Shipping fast and right

Posted two years ago

Toys for project management

Posted two years ago

How B players hire C players

Posted three years ago

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