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Run anything on NixOS with Docker passthrough

Posted eight weeks ago

USB replug script in bash

Posted thirty-one weeks ago

Building software in the cloud

Posted six weeks ago

Documentation namespaces

Posted twenty-seven weeks ago

Roles in tech

Posted one year ago

Testing systems at scale

Posted one year ago

Toys for project management

Posted one year ago

Shipping fast and right

Posted one year ago

Curse of business logic

Posted one year ago, last comment one year ago

The bonds of SQL

Posted five years ago

Bad unit tests impart a false sense of security

Posted four years ago

Java: What a horrible virtual machine

Posted four years ago

The Right Price for the Price is Right: Optimal Bidding

Posted six years ago

Android app shenanigans in 2016

Posted five years ago

How B players hire C players

Posted three years ago

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