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Curse of business logic

Posted twenty-six weeks ago

Lambdas as classes

Posted forty-eight weeks ago

How B players hire C players

Posted one year ago

Nothing was a billion dollar mistake

Posted one year ago

Freeing space from open files on UN*X when deleting doesn't work

Posted one year ago

LISA17 conference notes

Posted two years ago

Zero value abstractions

Posted two years ago

Rotating an image with OpenCV and Python

Posted five years ago, last comment twenty-eight weeks ago

The Rewrite Fallacy

Posted one year ago, last comment one year ago

Square CTF 2017 Grace Hopper

Posted two years ago

Android app shenanigans in 2016

Posted three years ago

Hashtable addition time (draft)

Posted seven years ago, last comment seven years ago

What's wrong with using double floats as the only numerical type

Posted nine years ago, last comment eight years ago

Reflecting on meta-programming

Posted eight years ago

WPA supplicant and TKIP pairwise cipher

Posted eight years ago, last comment five years ago

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