John Fremlin's blog: Crazyflie with Leap Motion controller

Posted 2013-09-23 05:28:00 GMT

Connected up a crazyflie quadcopter with a Leap Motion. Kind of fun because you can fly the thing by waving your hand in the air!

There was an issue that prevented takeoff — the Leap would often lose visual identification of my fingers and the software would cut the thrust to zero in that case.

The fix is pretty simple, just turn off the accidental reading protection:

             # Protect against accidental readings. When tilting the had
             # fingers are sometimes lost so only use 4.
             if (len(hand.fingers) < 4):
-                self._dcb(0,0,0,0)
+                print('lost fingers')

I feel the next step is to build a sort of hover control into the device as the pitch and yaw from the Leap are also quite noisy, so they need to be smoothed, which means that the human pilot will not be able to make fine adjustments.

Many thanks to Davey, Mike and Ye for devices and help!

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