John Fremlin's blog: K9Mail SSL client certificates and keys

Posted 2010-01-29 19:43:00 GMT

Finally broke down and replaced my utterly untrusty Nokia N95 — fantastic but unreliable hardware, reliably broken software — with an Android phone. It arrived yesterday. The first thing I discovered is that Android does support client SSL certificates with email (the N95 did . . .).

So I hacked up a patch for K9mail to include certificates actually in the source code. However, shouldn't be hard to modify it to store them on the SD-card or something.

Android development seems to be relatively painless compared to Symbian, and a league apart from the diabolically short-sighted Java MIDP — removing named constants from classes to save space? Aaaargh.

The thing which took longest was figuring out that I should use ddms debugger to see the full logs; the instructions on the wiki exclude logs emitted by K9 under not the k9 tag but the TrustManagerFactory tag.

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