John Fremlin's blog: Manardb talk

Posted 2012-10-07 03:03:00 GMT

Here's a presentation on manardb (slides) at the Bay Area Lisp and Scheme Users Group.

The group had some great suggestions for reducing the cost of the pointer rewriting — one of the best suggestions is maintaining a second list for each object type for the gaps so that they can be filled in again. This would need a simple datastructure: maybe an array of locations with a counter at the head. When freeing an object try to write it at the position below the counter and decrement the counter, or if the counter is at zero add it to the end. When allocating try to use the location at the counter and increment the counter.

Thanks to Nick Allen for organising and to everybody who attended!

Hey John,

You are a hero --- keeping the CL flame burning. I miss our beer sessions,


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