John Fremlin's blog: tpd2 talk at the Shibuya Lisp Users' Group

Posted 2009-07-08 12:19:00 GMT

On Saturday 4 July, I gave an introduction to some of the internal structure of the teepeedee2 web platform at the Shibuya Lisp User's Group. The slides are here (along with the beamer source) and the video is on YouTube and Nico Nico Douga.

Thanks to Mr Sano and the other organisers of Shibuya Lisp for setting it up. There were many fascinating talks and everybody at the dinner afterwards had awesome stuff to talk about — from programming humanoid robots in Euslisp to formally verifying code.

Unfortunately, I was meddling with the code in places I shouldn't have (teepeedee2 scored 8k requests/s in this branch, only another 25% to go) and as usual managed to ruin the live demo. I really need to add a test case for COMET . . .

Last November, I gave an talk about tpd2 to the TLUG which was also recorded.

Update: SBCL does compiler-macroexpand the output of compiler-macros. Please ignore my stupid and wrong assertion that it didn't. It does. Thanks to Luis Oliveira for setting me straight.

Wow, I even live in Shibuya and I didn't know we have our own Lisp users' group. But the web page has an intimidating amount of Japanese on it....

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